Image 7 Book devouring, lipstick wearing, tennis playing, dark chocolate eating singer, writer and (to my family) the following titles: Mother, Melissa, Mom extraordinaire, Domestic Goddess, She Who Rules, Queen Mother, Her Royal Highness, She Who Deserves Lots of Dark Chocolate, The Woman I Owe My Life To and Could Never Repay, One Who Walks On Water and Can Do No Wrong, Bringer of Life, One Who Wields the Sword of Death (I do not own any swords, perhaps in the near future), She Who Makes My Stomach Sing, She Who Sees and Knows etc…

Melissa Bybee lives in the Richmond, Virginia area with her long suffering tennis pro husband, two creative children, two adorable dogs, two psycho gerbils, and one persevering fish. Melissa is revising Sythwood, a YA Fantasy novel, submitting flash fiction, developing an untitled Middle Grade and YA novels, a few short stories and other projects. Click here for her recent article published in the Richmond Times Dispatch.


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